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August 13, 2019

AIS covering a 3000-mile long shoreline

The Marine Exchange of Alaska provides AIS coverage of Alaska’s enormous and harsh waters through their installation and operation of over 30 AIS sites (shore stations).

For the Marine Exchange of Alaska GateHouse has provided a complete server system with advanced statistics for analytical purposes, a WebGAD for access to the AIS data over the internet, a GAD for local display and configuration. The Marine Exchange also uses the GateHouse system to provide AIS data for external users as a service provider.

Executive Director of The Marine Exchange of Alaska, Captain Ed Page says: “Our AIS system has to date, and will in the future play an important role in saving lives and property as well as protecting Alaska’s fragile marine environment. With the stakes so high, it is important we have a reliable, versatile AIS management and display system. After testing over a dozen AIS systems, we found GateHouse best meets our challenging needs, and therefore decided to use GateHouse to manage our system and display AIS data. The technical abilities and responsiveness displayed by the Gatehouse staff and the versatility of the software has impressed me and my staff.

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About Marine Exchange of Alaska

In 2000, the non-profit organization MARINE EXCHANGE OF ALASKA (MXAK) was established with the mission to bring the Alaska maritime community together. Daily, MXAK’s expertise is used to assist the maritime community in complying with state and federal safety, security and environmental regulations, enhancing maritime safety and environmental protection, aiding in the response to emergencies, and saving the lives of mariners.