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below the sea
January 21, 2018

Exchanging AIS data between countries

Countries can easilty connect to the HELCOM server and provide or subscribe real-time data.

In the HELCOM project GateHouse has delivered a complete system for exchanging AIS data between all the countries surrounding the Baltic Sea and Norway . The countries send data from their national AIS system to the central server in Copenhagen. Additionally, GateHouse has developed 2 proxy applications that each of the countries can use to connect easily to the HELCOM server and provide/subscribe real-time data. This design has made it very easy for each of the countries to use the HELCOM system, because the proxy applications take care of encryption, user validation, fail over, data filtering, data fusion, down sampling etc.

The data received by each country is filtered in a way that the countries only receive the data they are interested in receiving. The filtering can be configured only to forward data depending on which country supplied the data, the ship’s geographical location, the message types, update interval, etc.

The data received from the countries is stored in a large Oracle database. Statistical reports generated from the data are made available to users via a web interface. The statistics are based on passage lines, e.g. it is possible to see how many ships pass beneath the Great Belt Bridge in each direction and in total. Literally, any kind of filtering can be applied to the result (type of ship, draught etc.)

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About Helcom

HELCOM is an intergovernmental organisation of the nine Baltic coastal countries and the EU, protecting the marine environment from all sources of pollution.