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Danish coast
February 23, 2019

Situational awareness and valuable data improving maritime safety

The Danish Maritime Authority has one of the most advanced maritime monitoring systems in the world. GateHouse is part of the explanation.

The AIS solution at DMA (Danish Maritime Authority) connects shore stations and transponders (18 shore stations scattered along the coastal line, 2 installed on offshore production platforms in the North Sea and a large number of transponders in harbours) in a network with the control center at DMA.

Information from the Danish AIS system is automatically distributed to a range of stakeholders. The distribution is secure and it allows the information to be filtered according to the needs of the stakeholders. Data is distributed to Navy, Danish VTS centers, harbours and international maritime cooperations.

One of the advantages to DMA is the increased situational awareness. The solution allows DMA to act immediately on incidents to secure navigational safety. If a collision or accident occurs DMA can immediately put up virtual marks on the sea charts to warn all near vessels or contact them directly with an AIS message.

Danish Maritime Authority logo

About the Danish Maritime Authority

The Danish Maritime Authority is a part of the Ministry of Industry, Business and Financial Affairs. They have approx. 300 employees, approx. 200 of whom are located in the main premises in Korsør in Denmark.