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At GateHouse we share a number of fundamental values. They are implemented in all our work and priorities securing a well going business and a good and professional working environment internally as well as concerning our customers. Our values are interdependent and in touch with each other as they are defining our way of thinking, acting, and doing business.


It is natural and important for us that all we do is with respect of the involved organizations, competences, colleagues and surroundings. Respect is both about showing openness and responsiveness about others competences, knowledge and point of views and about acting in accordance to the goals and decisions made jointly. By executing this in all we do, we always secure to make the most professional and judicious decisions based on the right competences and insights and in a pleasant working environment. Further respect for us is about demonstrating ethical, social and environmental responsibility in our daily communication and working processes.

Happy customers and employees

Happy customers and employees is what defines GateHouse. Our long sight relations internally and externally are based on respect, loyalty, credibility and professionalism in making mutual good business. To make happy customers and employees we have a strong focus on providing solutions and competences that develop and innovate businesses, markets and opportunities. It is our highest priority to always deliver the best and most valuable solutions to our customers at agreed time, price and quality – if not superior – and we are never afraid to challenge our customers’ or our own beliefs if it is necessary to reach the best result. In this way we make happy customers and employees that last.

Business first

Our business is about creating value for our customers. We are highly focused on creating results on the bottom line, business development and strong business constructions, structures and processes for our customers. We listen to get the best understanding of the market and our customers’ world and businesses – the better we know the conditions and challenges the better and more valuable solutions we can make. Therefore making business with GateHouse is often a long term partnership build on a shared business focus.