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The GateHouse values form the compass for employees and the way we do business.

Gatehouse Values Respect


  • Demonstrating professional skills and competences and the courage to act responsible in our daily communication and working processes.​
  • Respecting others is a basic principle of all our internal and external relations. ​
  • We listen, are open and responsive and we act in accordance with goals and decisions.
Gatehouse Values Partnership


  • Our long-term relations with employees, and business partners/markets are based on respect, loyalty, credibility, and professionalism. ​
  • To establish and maintain mutual beneficial partnerships we need to ensure orderliness and profitability. ​
  • We honor agreements and we always strive to do better in our relations.
Gatehouse Values Sustainable

Sustainable Business

  • Our business acumen is based on creating long-term market value from business development, profit, and innovation. ​
  • A sustainable business is profitable, scalable, and intelligent.​
  • We make a difference to people, companies, and resource utilization.