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Vision & Mission

Our vision and mission set the direction for how we make decisions and act in the market. They are our long-term guidance, but also our everyday foundation.

Vision Connecting the world through intelligent software


GateHouse connects people, systems, and combine data in all the services and solutions, we offer. Our maritime surveillance and asset protection tools are leveraging intelligent software that connects the world, as well as our Ocean Supply Chain Visibility services enables intelligent, fact-based decisions. Our SatCom solutions connect the world in space. We are at the forefront regarding NB-IoT solutions and our communication protocols deliver the software that connects the world.

Gatehouse 10X_Mission

Mission: 10X by GateHouse

The 10X growth mission relies on continuous innovation bringing value to markets and customers. It consists of three core elements influencing each other. Each of the three mission elements is depending on the others to make a difference.



Constant innovation designed to create value for individuals and businesses is essential to fulfill our 10X mission. We create lasting value in the market through our hard-core software development competencies, this will bring 10X innovation into the market.

Gatehouse Mission_Value-Creation-1

​Value Creation​

Creating value to others is all about intelligent innovation and seeing those opportunities where the GateHouse special competencies and domain knowledge make a difference. We want to be part of progressing the industry into the future. We do this by creating 10X value in the market.

Gatehouse Mission_Growth


Our long-term 10X growth mission is a ceaseless strive to combine new technologies with the GateHouse skill set to ensure intelligent and value creating innovation to partners and customers. The three core elements are interdependent.