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January 21, 2020 / News

What Will 2020 Bring for the Satellite Industry?

IoT will be the most prevailing trend in the satcom industry in 2020, predicts the satellite communications waveform and test tool specialist, GateHouse Telecom. Significant advancements within satellite enabled data relay, environmental monitoring, and flight safety will also influence satcom in the year to come.

The satcom industry has taken quantum leaps the past year in terms of IoT. Looking at 2020, with the impending rollout of the 5G network and scheduled launches of hundreds of LEO and MEO satellites, satcom is expected to keep its pace in the year to come.

Expanding further into the connectivity market, the satcom industry will increase focus on standardization to secure speed of deployment of IoT on a global scale, says Svend Holme Sørensen, Product Manager at GateHouse Telecom.

Anne L. Poulsen, Marketing Manager January 21, 2020 IN / News